ATM Monitoring and Management

Solution Overview

  • Common insight both from IT and Business perspective.
  • Manages Vendors SLA.
  • Helps in Business Optimization & enhance decision making Capability to import customized data & create business views.
  • Ease of deployment,operation & configuration.
  • Availability based on actual hours of operations.
  • Real-time ATM state and transaction information.
  • Promote fast & accurate root-cause analysis.
  • Rule based e-mail & SMS escalation.
  • Availability reporting at different levels(fault category, vendors,regions, and branches).

Transaction Analytics

  • Monitor approvals,denials,reversals,bad PIN,etc.
  • Monitor device activity.
  • Policy based Transaction Surveillance(Fraud detection).
  • Display on Geographical Map.

Fault Management

  • Business Management.
  • IT Management.

Operations Bridge

  • Single Glass approach to manage small to large size business environment.
  • KPI's & KBI's can be set as per business requirement.
  • Real-time intelligent Alerts via email,SMS,Enterprise etc Scalable(in production managing 22K+ ATMs).
  • ATM Monitoring & Analytics in Real Time with Key Fraud Rules in Hosting Model.
  • EJ Pulling.
  • Screen Downloads.
  • Remote Downloads.

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