Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data is the core currency in today's digital economy. Organizations need to take every practical measure to protect their data. Yet, according to industry research (TechNewsWorld), 43% of companies that experience major data loss incidents are unable to reopen business operations.

No matter how cautious users or IT administrators are, data losses are inevitable. Causes range from the cavalier and negligent to the malicious and criminal.

The most common causes of data loss break down into two primary categories-human error, such as intentional and unintentional file or program deletions, and hardware failure, resulting from system crashes, power outages, software bugs and application freezes. Causes such as malicious attacks, inadvertent security breaches and natural disasters also fit into one of those two primary categories-directly or indirectly.

For instance, a bad decision by a well-intentioned user when prompted to take action by an antivirus tool could create a security breach. A fire, flood or hurricane could cause a power-failure, shutting off hardware systems before a chance to save data in use or in transmission.

The point is data loss is a fact of life, but organizations can prevent it from being fatal. Sure, a power-failure caused by a storm is bound to destroy some data, but an organization with a concrete, well-executed business continuity strategy can survive the worst of outages and reduce recovery to hours, rather than days. In a rare case when a physical space is rendered unusable or outright destroyed by a natural disaster or terrorist attack, a contingency to resume operations at an alternate site would be in place. The necessary data would be available for recovery at an off-site facility.

There is no single best answer for backup and business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR), but rather a continuum of options that trade off guaranteed availability, recovery time, level of acceptable risk, data security, cost, and complexity. With a vendor- and platform-neutral approach, Kintan Consultant assess diverse IT environments and recommend, design, and implement solutions to maximize data availability and mitigate the risk of business interruption or data loss.

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