C3 (Carry Cash on Card)

Carry Cash in Card (C3) with mobile wallet service allows end users to avail of a bouqet of services such as fund transfer, mobile top up, fees payment, bill payment etc using their mobile or smart card.

C3 as product works with smart cards and NFC enabled mobiles to allow holders to pay for transactions in campuses. The cards can be funded online from banking channels (NEFT) or by cash. The card holder does not need a Bank account.

The mobile wallet service allows end users to use their smartphones to pay for services in a secure way.

The wallet can be funded by online banking channels or by cash.

The benefit of C3 wallet services are as mentioned below
  • No bank account needed
  • Can be linked to Aadhaar for secure payments.
  • Can be used with smart cards NFC mobiles or Smartphones.
  • Transaction reports provided to end users.
  • Simple easy to use and very secure.

The following more services and applications are available with C3
  • (Carry Cash in Card) - Campus Card - Smart Card Payment System
  • Highway Toll Payments - NFC-RFID Smart Card Payment System.
  • Prepaid Rewards Card For Malls.
  • Healthcare Smart Card for Hospitals.
  • Kiosk Payments.
  • Bus Ticketing Payment System.
  • Residential Complexes.
  • Temple - Payments.
  • eKYC(Electronic Know Your Customer) for Financial Institutions using Aadhaar.

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