Smart Campus Solution

Growth in electronic information exchange is enormous and the requirement to securely manage this information has never been greater. Fundamental concepts, such as the use of "currency", are being radically altered and commerce has become both internationalised and electronic. Consumers are demanding greater convenience in the form of services, which suit modern lifestyles.

To create and maintain a competitive advantage, educational institutions must embrace the best technology solutions to meet student demands. The smart card technology solution to automate management relationship with the student brings the best of culture, discipline, and proficiency in the Institution.

The versatility of these cards makes them the right solution anywhere distributed processing, high security, multiple applications and increased privacy are needed. Since these card support multiple transactions, they are called as all-in-one or multi-application smart cards. They consolidate many card and cash applications found in an educational environment. They are powerful and durable. And they can speed up transactions. Many schools, colleges and universities already utilize cards, primarily for identification. The introduction of a smart card to school / college / university identification system offers the functionality of stored value and numerous other useful applications designed to decrease administrative costs and increase campus revenues. This technology can easily bring the following applications into a single card visually reinforcing the progressive image your Institution wants to convey.

  • Identification.
  • Access control to the restricted areas.
  • The Time and attendance of the students.
  • Library management.
  • Remote facilities tracking.
  • E-Purchases in the cafeteria, stationary stores and other vending machine.
  • Info kiosks to disseminate information to students.
  • And more...

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