Smart Card Based Solution

Smart cards improve the convenience and security of any transaction. They provide tamper-proof storage of user and account identity. Smart card systems have proven to be more reliable than other machine-readable cards, like magnetic stripe and barcode, with many studies showing card read life and reader life improvements demonstrating much lower cost of system maintenance. Smart cards also provide vital components of system security for the exchange of data throughout virtually any type of network. They protect against a full range of security threats, from careless storage of user passwords to sophisticated system hacks. The costs to manage password resets for an organization or enterprise are very high, thus making smart cards a cost-effective solution in these environments.

Multifunction cards can also be used to manage network system access and store value and other data. Worldwide, people are now using smart cards for a wide variety of daily tasks, which include: Enterprise ID, banking payment system, Government services like PDS, Land record, Driving License, Health record, Ticketing, Toll, Identity and Attendance.

Kintan team has several years of experience in providing end to end smart card solution which includes, business applications utilizing the power of smart card, smart card based infrastructure and services related to card technology like card issuance and personalization, terminal side application development and support, running the entire setup in outsourcing mode.

Kintan provides end to end solution in the smart card space across verticals like:

  • Banking - Prepaid closed user card C3, EMV /Rupay card issuance
  • Education: Multipurpose students card for identity, attendance and campus payments
  • Health care: Patient health record and payment
  • Transport: Ticketing system

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