Software Development

Kintan Systech has large pool / team of experts to provide end-to-end service in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which includes:

  • Business Analysts for various business verticals
  • Analysis and Design Experts - various technologies
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Trainers
  • Implementation Specialists
  • Ongoing Support Personnel
  • Helpdesk Personnel
Kintan has team of experts who are experienced in business applications development in various business verticals e.g. Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Education, Realty and Infrastructure, large corporate and SMB's functional and operational areas. Any organisation's general operations related applications, Human Resource Managment and Banking realted applications, to name the few.

Kintan believes in keeping company's goals and end-user's requirements always in focus while devising any system automation solution while maximizing the returns:
"To resolve or address business issues related to automation and which is completely aligned and focused on achieving business goals while taking care of investment in automation for a long time to get full ROI and beyond at the earliest and stay ahead of completion, whatever are the client needs and priorities!"

Also Kintan has excellent pool of experienced people in variety of technologies like Microsoft, Java, Oracle, SAP, JDE, JDA, Open Source etc.

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